Method of Sanitizing

  1. i.sanitze team comes to your location on a date and time that is convenient for you
  2. Our professional team performs a demonstration to show you the amount of impurities in your mattress/sofa
  3. We then proceed with our unique sanitizing process:
    • We use our specialized industrial-strength vacuum that provides extreme vibration and suction to both sides of the mattress, removing dust particles, fungal spores and other debris.
    • We apply the world’s first and only medical grade mattress sanitation technology using Germicidal Ultra Violet Light (GUVL), that uses powerful Ultra Violet light to destroy DNA, eliminating any remaining food source for dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, mold and other pathogens, leaving the mattress completely sanitized
  4. Following sanitization, the surface of the mattress is treated with our organic disinfectant spray, which inhibits mites from reproducing by using natural essential oils.
  5. Finally, a i.Sanitize seal is attached to the mattress and a certificate of sanitization can be issued for hotels, hospitals, homes, etc.

The organic disinfectant spray for the hygiene of your mattresses and furniture:

How does the spray work?

The organic disinfectant spray contains natural essential oils that penetrate into the mattress.

The skin flakes absorb the smell and become inedible for dust mites.

Regular use of the spray not only reduces the spread of dust mites, but also provides a fresh scent in the bedroom.