About i.sanitize

Professional mattress and sofa sanitizing services

i.sanitize is a professional mattress and sofa sanitizing service company in Lebanon. Our one-of-a-kind technology eliminates allergens, pests, odors, biological matter and contaminants, leaving your mattress like new!

We proudly service residential and commercial locations such as hotels, hospitals, daycare and senior care facilities across Lebanon. Best of all, we come to your location on a date and time that is convenient for you.

The method we use is absolutely natural, chemical-free and environmental friendly.

Our Mission

We aim to be national market leaders in the provision of mattress and sofa sanitization services to make sure that every home is a healthy home.

Our Values

We make sure to always provide our customers with high quality services, while always being punctual and professional. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.


Our sanitization process is certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF), and the following studies have been published proving its efficacy:

  • Comparative examination “Cleaning of mattresses according to the POTEMA® method” – University Strasbourg.
  • Disinfecting effect of UVC radiation, Philips Information.
  • Inactivation of the house dust allergen by UV radiation. Bruchhausen, Geisler.
  • Bacteriological, mycological and parasitological examination of the POTEMA ® mattress cleaning system, Biohygiene Elsass, F-67450 Mundolsheim, Dr. G. Brugerolles.
  • Microbiological test POTEMA® Mattress Clean. Test method: Swiss examining norm SNV 195920 LGA Nbg.
  • Check of bacteria growth on mattress covers. Rd.Med Enno K.J. Gries.
  • Increase diminution of the house dust mite by 99% according to a scientific study published in HYGMed 03.